Un hogar cálido para gente de la tercera edad antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Cabecitas De Algodón

Un hogar cálido para gente de la tercera edad Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Cabecitas de Algodón  008511196

Our vision is a perfect home for our elderly people not a basic nursing homesnot. Less number of people, but with more quality of life. In December 2005 the feeding program for the homeless, street children and single mothers by providing them with three meals starts.

In June 2006 helping disabled starts, and in December of the same year the help of scholarships, in addition to providing assistance to inmates in prisons for men starts. Clothing to shelters and nurseries. Any fee or monthly fee is waived. Only survives thanks to the solidarity and great heart of some Guatemalans.

In April 2006, another goal is met Foundation Nursing home Cabecitas Cotton No.2 was located in San Pedro Panorama since by reason and lack of financial resources had to leave. Wherefore now stands at No.1 residential Glen House No.39 of Antigua Guatemala.

Blanket currently home to 54 old people, many with terminal illnesses and brought national hospitals and roads.

Currently the immediate goal is the foundation of a 3rd home. Since there is a waiting list of homeless elders to enter the home.

The life of the elderly is a very short time the more you think and takes longer to act, they will die without a home, without dignity and respect into disrepair.

So it is urgent founding a new home which with the help of God and each of you people of great heart and great generosity this will be possible.


We are grateful if you can give a donation to give a little love to people who just want to finish a decent and loving life.

 Cabecitas de Algodón.

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