The benefit of being posted on the internet is that the reach of number of people is much larger than that of magazines or other traditional advertising methods. The scope is completely international, not only with the people who live in your country but also all those who plan to travel to their country in the near future as a distant one. Publishing on the internet is safe as long as you treat or use secure sites like ours.

We are more than an advertising company, we are a unique tool for national and international travelers to find experiences of all kinds. We are the yellow pages of experiences.

The reach of the Site not only with international travelers but also with local visitors may attract more customers to your business. A good service will result in good comments on the site by customers which is the most effective way to get more business.

This will depend a lot on the marketing tools you choose within our services. However, if you are only using the basic package, your business will be visible to all national and international users through the use of our website, mobile sites and the App. Our marketing strategies include social networking, proprietary sites, search engine marketing and alliances with other virtual businesses to have a wider range of reach.

Itis very important to show the best images, videos and creative texts you possess of your experience.

At the moment we do not have this service. The purpose of 1010 Experiencias is to promote experiences and activities on the site.

Until you decide not to use it anymore.

Enter your advertiser account and select Minisite, you will need to upload the required material and wait for confirmation from 1010Experiences. Once you have paid the service of Minisite and we have approved the material that you have uploaded to the site, it will be activated. To deactivate the service we suggest, if you have made payment, to continue using the Minisite during the term of the contract. When this period expires, the Minisite service will be deactivated automatically and you will return to the basic service.

The maximum experience for basic service (ie free) is 5 experiences per company. However at an additional cost you can advertise as many experiences as you want.

The basic service has the pre-established measures for the photos. If you want to increase the size we suggest the service of Minisite (Photobox).

Currently we do not have packages that include the service of a photographer. However, we can refer you to a photographer depending on the region in which you are located, or use the page to find one.

He does not lose money. As a rule, systems in Latin America fall in certain cases because of the connections from which users enter. Our servers are located in the United States and they do not fall.

You must log in as an advertiser and go to the "upload an experience" area, then click edit and change your category. We will arrive for the correct revision of our team and will soon have the approval, if the chosen category agrees with his experience.

Usually we do not offer the service of preparation of a Minisite. If we offer instead the personal option of loading information, where you have the ability to upload information as you wish.

You, as a user, publish your own photos. As long as the content is appropriate, decent and previously approved by us.

In the space of location we suggest you put the complete data of your company or place of operations. In the description of the experience you can talk about the possible locations where the experience will take place.

Absolutely. We are pleased to have individuals who can share their knowledge and talents. It is a good way to start working and develop your passion, promoting yourself with us.

You as a company can also join 1010 and recommend other businesses that way. We suggest you enter the affiliate area and register to do this.

You can make payments through credit card or using the paypal service. If you are within Guatemala you can pay the service by making a deposit to our bank account, by check or cash.

This option is a paid service and will be auctioned in a way similar to that used by some search engines such as google, bing and yahoo.

If this is possible, you should only register in the login area.

Soon we will have for sale the advertising spaces to be able to be in the main pages of the different categories of the site.

It depends on the conditions under which your contract is. Usually we do not offer returns, only if our site has some serious inconvenience.

If you're an advertiser in 1010 Experiences will be provided an electronic invoice will be sent to the email address you have registered.

Please contact us via email at:


1010 Experiencias enables entrepreneurs and communities to share their experiences and knowledge in a friendly, responsible and honest way. We especially support artisans, social projects and community tourism with the possibility of marketing their services online and attract more clientele.

It is not necessary to create a user or register to find experiences and navigate the site. However, we suggest you register to use the tools of our Community and to be able to buy the experiences that you like or want to give away.

There is no cost to be a member of the 1010 Community.

Absolutely, go to the main page of our site and select the register button.

The download of the App will be completely free.

Of course, all the experiences in which they have price, can be acquired to be enjoyed by you or to give away, the purchase can be through credit card or bank deposit.

We will have experiences in the different cities of each country, when more operators are published with us on the site. Our aim is to be able to show all possible experiences within the same country.

The basic service to advertise and navigate the page is completely free. We are NOT making bookings or sales for the moment. If you want to make the purchase of some experience is done directly with the company / individual offering the experience.

If you bought an operator's activity / experience, we always invite you to put your comments in the review area or "Reviews".

The monetary transaction is done directly with the company / individual providing the experience. We suggest that you inform yourself of cancellation policies with the operator before making the purchase.

If you have purchased an experience with a company or individual they are the ones who have to provide you with the bill for that service.

Please contact us via email at:


To join, enter the affiliate area and register. Already having an account created you will have an assigned code and a worksheet to be able to take a better control of your progress.

If you are a sales affiliate, you are an independent contractor. He must then appear as such a person, as an independent affiliate of the 1010 Experiences team.


1010 Experiences is a website that offers its services to international level.

Our headquarters are located in Antigua, Guatemala.