Zip Lining in the Colca Canyon arequipa, Peru

Colca Zip-lining

Zip Lining in the Colca Canyon Arequipa, Peru

Colca Zip-Lining  00423779
A eucalyptus and pine forest at the foot of a sheer rock wall provides the starting point. You jump off and zip through a path between trees, and suddenly, you are in the open flying over the Colca river. 
Experience the newest extreme adventure in the Colca Canyon and feel what the condor feels. A series of increasingly exciting rides will cap your visit to this natural wonder. The first two rides (about 2000 feet) are an introduction and also serve as training if you will dare "The Chickenator" or “The Monster”. When you complete the full course, you will have ziplined over 6000 feet and reached speeds of around 60-70 MPH at heights over 300 feet above the river, all of this in breathtaking scenery and friendly company!

 Colca Zip-Lining.

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