Yoga Classes with Vaimukta mexico-city, Mexico

Vaimukta Yoga

Yoga Classes with Vaimukta Mexico City, Mexico

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The word Vaimukta means complete liberation.  A complete Yoga practice can truly free our body and mind from negative thought patterns, physical and mental pain, and even illness can be cured with a constant practice under the guidance of a qualified teacher. We practice Yoga not only as a one hour or two hour class, but we practice Yoga as a whole, at our center we teach meditation, mantra chanting for healing, energy channeling, emotion recognition and channeling, therapeutic postures, Vedanta and Hindu philosophy, Buddhist philosophy: everything in order to enjoy a healthier, happier life. 

The first Vaimukta Yoga center was founded in Mexico city in 2006 and since then our teachers have been conducting retreats in México, India and the United Kingdom. Our teachers have studied for many years in India different types of yoga, meditation & healing techniques. 

At Vaimukta yoga we work to bring healing and peace to every one of our students.

Located in the heart of one of the most peaceful areas in Mexico city, we offer an easy access space to practice Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Yoga Therapy and Relaxation of the mind and body. We adapt the yoga practice to everyone`s needs, in order for you to enjoy the real essence of yoga life....peace, liberation, healing, understanding. 

We have great English speaking teachers with years of teaching experience in different fields of yoga, therapy, meditation and healing, all trained in Mexico and India. 

 Vaimukta Yoga.

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