Year-round Train Excursions quito, Ecuador

Tren Ecuador

Year-round Train Excursions Quito, Ecuador

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Travel through Ecuador by train and enjoy its landscapes and traditions year round. There is no better way to see a country than in elegant and classic trains, like the ones we offer. We invite you to learn about the history of our country and the importance of the train in our past. This is the better option for traveling around the Ecudor and a great way to get closer to nature and local culture.

During the trip we will take you through typical Andean landscapes, its beautiful cultural, the folklore and crafts in the area. In addition, you get to enjoy riding in a majestic piece of engineering, a unique design all around the world for its distinctive zig- zag.

The tour includes native input and guidance on the Condor Puñuna Museum.

As well as:

  • Train Ticket
  • Bilingual guidance
  • 2.00 USD consumption at Cafe del Tren Sibambe
  • Visit Interpretation Centre Condor
  • Puñuna traditional dances

What to bring to the trip:

  • Ticket
  • Personal documents
  • Sunscreen warm clothes
  • Waterproof (depending on season)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Cash
  • Camera
  • Cap, Glasses, Gloves. 
 Tren Ecuador.

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