We will teach you paragliding! santiago-de-chile, Chile

Chile Parapente

We will teach you paragliding! Santiago De Chile, Chile

Chile Parapente  009331306

We will take you paragliding and show you how to fly, with the highest security for you and your friends.

Just follow some very basic instructions and be inspired by the Instructor who will perform the entire maneuver. Quickly your feet will be off of the ground and you'll be enjoying one of the most extraordinary experiences that a human being has ever done: Fly like the birds.

Once in the air, you just need to relax and enjoy the wind in your face and observe the birds that share your airspace. You will be comfortably seated, watching the world below.

Live your dreams of flight.. You don´t need to do anything, just relax and enjoy one of the most phantastic experiences.

Bring your own camera if you want.

 Chile Parapente.

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