Water & Adrenaline while rafting in Venezuela merida, Venezuela

Arassari Trek Rafting

Water & Adrenaline while rafting in Venezuela Mérida, Venezuela

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Having pioneered the activity and opened up the wild rivers of the piedmont of the Andes we never stopped believing in the huge natural and hydraulic potential that opened up new horizons in the Venezuelan tourism industry attracting people to the states of Barinas, Tachira and Merida. Giving this way birth to a new modern era of true Eco- and Adventure tourism. In our second decade of rafting we will still have surprises waiting to come for our customers.

Do not miss it out and book it as soon as possible. Our reservation includes the following: 
accommodation, delicious meals, deserts, regional fruits and of course professional treatment and courtesy of the Arassari Trek personnel. The emerald Siniguis river, the upper Canagua with it's hot springs, the Acequias in front of our camp or the rio Doradas with it's pre-Columbian ruins are all together and everyday a new challenge and discovery of emotions, joy, thrills, foaming white water and stunning beauty.

In the year 2002 we inaugurated our own Arassari Trek Adventure camp facilities built on 3 hectares of land on the shore of the Acequias river. This allowed us to improve by far the quality of the tours and become independent of rented facilities that didn’t provide the standards that we had set for ourselves and our operations. It was warmly received and welcomed by our customers. We will continue the good work and are currently expanding the installations.

Our quality and safety first thinking has become the example to follow for many other eco- & adventure companies in this country. Samuel (el Capitan), Rana , Emma, Wilenger, Robeth, Arnaldo, Rigorberto and 1 or 2 Kiwi pilots will be guiding our customers down the fantastic rivers just like all the other years as well

We can proudly say that their Guiding performance is at a top level by international standards. Come and have your adventure of a lifetime with us on Venezuela’s top rivers. Get the best splash you can get for your cash. The rivers are with us and God must definitely be a woman.

Mother Earth welcomes you to raft the wild west of Venezuela. Rafting is year round available now with the opening of the Doradas river….join us and have lots of fun. Kayaking, funkayaking, and clinics or classes are possible too. Whitewater Rafting can also be combined with some of our Treks and the wildlife tours to the plains / Llanos.

 Arassari Trek Rafting.

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