Watch over 887 different species of birds san-jose, Costa Rica

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Watch over 887 different species of birds San Jose, Costa Rica

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Birding in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience, with 887 species recorded with voucher to date (Official List of the Birds of Costa Rica 2011 by the Scientific Cometee of the Ornitological Association of Costa Rica - published in April 2007) 

Costa Rica offers to birders great birdwatching opportunities within relatively short distances, involving very diverse habitats in the six  ornitologic regions of the country, from sea level to high mountains above 11.000 f.a.s.l. 

Exciting guided tours and itineraries take you to wonderful locations where you are able to enjoy the best of birding and nature. 

We hope you find this site helpful when planning your birding vacation in Costa Rica. When planning, be sure to look for the proper birding tools to help enhance your experience.

Our staff will be happy to assit you with your technical questions about birds, locations, and other details, to make of your trip the best birdwatching experience you could possibly have in this neotropical country.

 Birding Escapes.

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