Volunteer with Project Somos, a community for at-risk mothers and children. antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Project Somos

Volunteer with Project Somos, a community for at-risk mothers and children. Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Project Somos  007981140

The Project Somos Children’s Village is located in the small community of Chivarabal,  just outside of Tecpán, Guatemala.It is an eco-sustainable alternative community for at-risk mothers and children

We are working to break the cycle of poverty so that it doesn’t continue with the next generations. We believe that a child’s best chance at happiness and success is to be able to stay with his/her own mother whenever possible. We accept widowed and single mothers with a minimum of three children who have been living in extreme poverty.

The focus of our work is about strengthening families and building capacity so that they can lift themselves out of poverty. The women are chosen based on their needs and are referred by local community leaders. They live at Project Somos with her children for up two years. We do everything in our power to facilitate the mamas and children in maintaining their own culture, traditions, clothing and language.

Volunteering abroad is an exciting and often life-changing adventure. It offers opportunities for learning, self-discovery and personal growth. As we work to establish the Children’s Village, we need many hands and hearts working together to prepare the property to receive children. We need help from many different people with many different skill sets. It’s going to be lots of work, and tons of fun.

 Project Somos.

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