Volunteer in an educational project at Niños de Guatemala antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Niños De Guatemala

Volunteer in an educational project at Niños de Guatemala Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Volunteer in an educational program in Antigua Guatemala 

This story began in 2006 when a Dutch volunteer, Marten Dresen, visited Guatemala to learn Spanish. Upon seeing the situation and pressing need for quality education for children, Dresen returned to the Netherlands to establish Niños de Guatemala.  He began raising awareness about this need and raised funds to construct the first school, Nuestro Futuro. This primary school opened their doors to the community in Ciudad Vieja in 2008. Following this constructoin, El Porvenir began their educational program in San Lorenzo el Cubo in 2012.  2014 was a great year for Nuestro Futuro with their first graduating class!  

Niños de Guatemala provides education for low income families in the community serving students from pre-kindergarten to middle school. 


English: Students recieve 10 hours a week of English classes. English is necessary to prepare students for employment opportunties in the tourism industry in Guatemala.

Computer Science: Computer skills are necessary in todays world in order to obtain better opportunities for employment and higher income. Students at Niños de Guatemala

Reinforcements: This afterschool program provides students with extra opportunities to learn and receive reinforcements in subjects such as mathematics, literature, writing, english, etc. This program is carried out with 5-7 students per class for 2 hours, 3 times a week. 

Tutoring: Tutoring is also offered to students as well as those with learning disabilities. Volunteers are requireed to tutor for a minimum of 2 months.

Artistic Expression: This program focuses on developing a student’s creative capacity to discover their potential in different areas such as sports, art, music, etc.  This program is offered for 2 hours 2 times a week. 

Niños de Guatemala volunteers:

  • Support teachers as a teacher assistant during morning classes. All volunteers are accepted regardless of Spanish language skills.
  • Support Reinforcements and Tutoring programs. To participate you must have an advanced level of Spanish language.
  • Support the Artistic Expression program. To participate you must have an advanced level of Spanish language.

Volunteer Requirements: 

  • One month minimum to volunteer in any program, except Tutoring (2 months minimum). 
  • + 18 years old
  • Donation or crowdfunding: US $250

Spanish Classes:

  • Spanish courses are offered to volunteers at an additional cost. Volunteers typically take their Spanish classes in the afternoons after volunteering at the school.


  • Homestays and other lodgings can be arranged for interested volunteers. Costs for homestays with a local family range from US$100 per week or USS115 with a private bathroom.


For more information and/or opportunities for master students in health/public health/social work, please contact nicole@1010experiencias.com. 


 Niños de Guatemala.

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