Volunteer for community development at a ministry site antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

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Volunteer for community development at a ministry site Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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SI does long-term, on-going community development in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Fiji through the full-time staff missionaries serving in those countries. In addition, outreach participants join our missionaries on short-term or semester programs throughout the year.

Our staff missionaries and outreach participants come together cross-culturally to encounter God, share the Good News, disciple and serve the poor. This is all done while working in locations and conducting activity in specific areas of occupational ministry that correlates with a career, academic, or personal interest of the participants. We call these occupational outreach settings Ministry Sites.

Depending on the length of the outreach, participants spend from 9 days to a semester working alongside our staff professionals at a ministry site. Each ministry site is within close proximity of our facilities in the country of service.  Each ministry site has a different occupational focus, such as agriculture, art & media, appropriate technology, construction, dentistry, education, health care, micro finance, social work, sports, and veterinary. Participants are placed in one of these ministry sites for the entire length of their outreach. Placement at a ministry site is determined through the application process in which participants indicate their level of interest in each site.

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