Volunteer at the best hostel chain in Central America! antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Bigfoot Hostels

Volunteer at the best hostel chain in Central America! Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Bigfoot Hostels  006591303

Bigfoot Hostel is looking for fun, outgoing, reliable volunteers to commit some of their time to work at one of these amazing hostels. This is an awesome opportunity to meet people, travel cheaply, and gain experience in customer service. Bigfoot has 3 hostels located in Leon and Las Penitas, Nicaragua, and the newest location in Antigua, Guatemala. When volunteering with Bigfoot you will have the opportunity to travel between all 3 of these locations if you commit enough time with us.
Become part of the family and take advantage of all the benefits like, free tours, food, accommodation and this amazing environment.  

Bigfoot Family

 Bigfoot Hostels.

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