Visit the best kept secret of a nature reserve in Honduras copan, Honduras

Macaw Mntn. Birdpark

Visit the best kept secret of a nature reserve in Honduras Copán, Honduras

Macaw Mntn. Birdpark  006711001

Have you ever listened to a parrot talk while it is standing on your shoulder? Or have you walked into a large flight aviary and feel the rush of the wind on your face as fifteen scarlet macaws take flight? If this has never happened to you, wait till you experience this in real life.

Come visit Macaw Mountain, Central America’s newest and best-loved secret.

Enjoy lunch under a canopy of old growth Central American hardwoods in a pristine river valley. Then just relax and have a delicious cup of our award-winning coffee on the elevated deck while flocks of wild parakeets chatter in nearby trees.

Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve is an innovative tropical bird reserve that is located in the western part of Honduras. Where one of the goals is to cares and rescue, endangered birds of the American tropics.

We look forward and welcome you to Macaw Mountain.

 Macaw Mntn. Birdpark.

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