visit an incredible hotel built with salt near the Uyuni salt flats uyuni, Bolivia

Hotel Cristal Samaña

visit an incredible hotel built with salt near the Uyuni salt flats Uyuni, Bolivia

Hotel Cristal Samaña  00344725

The Hotel Cristal Samaña is privileged because is located  way near to the big Salar de Uyuni. Its the only hotel in Bolivia projected based on Feng Shui principles.

Its architecture in the form of coca leaf, reflects energy and balance. The floors, walls and furniture in the hotel are built entirely with salt, their bedrooms are decorated with archetypes of astrology Aymara decorated and carved in salt.

The design of "Cristal Hotel de Sal Samaña" proved to be a challenging challenge, a challenge to the imagination, creativity and knowledge. All the sketch was in danger of fading into insignificance before the magic spectacle of the Salar de Uyuni.

Surely it could not be better opportunity to incorporate the ancient wisdom of sacred or Feng Shui architecture, immortalized by her beauty architectural works such as the Parthenon in Greece, the cathedrals of Notre Dame or the Sun Gate in Tiahuanaco.

Similarly, in the interior design has been careful to maintain harmonious proportions: in the relations of the height, length and width; the dimensions of the doors and windows and the general location of the building. This operation will allow the form of cosmic energy flow freely resembling the movement of the waves conoidal invading all spaces.

The bedrooms are decorated with archetypes of astrology Aymara cut salt influential to humans. For example, one of them is the snake symbolizes knowledge and helps the awakening of the consciousness of people.

Finally, in the left front, there is a sculpted temple salt, supported by catenary arches to gaudiano style, shaped roof and side aisles penninsula waves that invite meditation is erected. This architectural jewel gives the hotel a great mystic and spiritual complement.

 Hotel Cristal Samaña.

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