Tu primer experiencia de Skydive en Lima Peru lima, Peru

Skydive Peru

Tu primer experiencia de Skydive en Lima Peru Lima, Peru

Skydive Peru  009441320
A tandem jump is your first skydive attached to a expert skydiver, you need no previous experience in skydiving, only a safety harness which you are attached to with a professional instructor.
Make the jump from 4000 meters of altitude, reaching speeds up to 250 km. ph. The parachute opens at 1,500 meters, representing 2,500 meters of Free Fall ( 50 seconds give or take).
Once the parachute is opened there are 7 minutes of flight ultil landing, these 7 minutes are enjoyable and beautiful. The landing is very smooth, you will feel no impact from the ground.
(*) Ages 16 - 70 years of age. Minors with parental authorization signed only.
(**) Physical Requirements: You are not allowed to fly if you have a heart condition, exceed 110 Kg. of weight or if you weigh less than 30 Kg, and you can not be taller than 6´6ft. 
 Skydive Peru.

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