Try the Canopy Forest and feel the adrenaline puerto-vallarta, Mexico

Mundo Nogalito Eco Park

Try the Canopy Forest and feel the adrenaline Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mundo Nogalito Eco Park  00237368

Canopy Forest

Adrenaline shakes the central nervous system of humans and in Mundo Nogalito we ensure that all our customers released that substance through speed, the feeling of flying through the mountains, having the sensation of wind rushing on your skin, to hang upside down or superman style in the hands of our professional guides, we have a circuit of zip lines that are designed to have a very safe and fun experience. 

This tour has a price of $50 dollars and includes the following:

• Transportation to and from the designated pickup points and our park
• Welcome Drink (non-alcoholic)
• 11 Zip lines (includes our one of a kind tunnel Zip Line and Tunnel Zip Lines)
• Activities de tiro al blanco y gotcha en la línea 6 de su recorrido de Canopy.
• Purified water during the Zip Lining tour
• This tour is approximately 4 hours long (from pickup to return)

 Mundo Nogalito Eco Park.

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