Try a surfing trip with more waves than you can imagine leon, Nicaragua

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Try a surfing trip with more waves than you can imagine León, Nicaragua

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You might already know that Nicaragua has 300+ days of offshore winds and un-crowded breaks, but what you don’t know is that depending on which location you choose, you could be surfing onshore slop and crowded waves your entire trip. We scout waves like it’s our job… oh wait, it is… and we do it so you don’t have to, so please take advantage.

Situated in Central-Nicaragua on the pacific coast, between all major cities, and just 90 minutes from the airport, we are located in front of / in walking distance of four of the most consistent and un-crowded breaks in the region, with access to 4+ more breaks within a 20 min. drive and a world class barrel just a 50 min. drive away. We wait for the right swell to surf the right spot, we don’t follow the crowd and we don’t mix tour groups (of 5+). We know this region like the back of our hand because our guide (a bi-lingual, former EMT) lives in Nicaragua year-round and our staff is filled with locals, giving us a network that extends throughout the country to bring you the best (and most authentic) experience possible in Nicaragua – an experience no other camp can match.

 Solid Surf.

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