Transforming and empowering Guatemala's youth antigua-guatemala, Guatemala


Transforming and empowering Guatemala's youth Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Transform the future of young Guatemalans, volunteer at CasaSito

Join the CasaSito team and support educational projects for young adults in Guatemala! 

At CasaSito we believe that eduction is one of the most important resources for the development of individuals and the communities they live in. Those with acces and motivation to ovecome their situation will persevere to break the cycle of poverty in order to improve their quality of life. CasaSito is an educational program in Antigua that supports students through a schlolarship program in order to successfully graduate from school as well as university. 

Our Projects:

Monthly workshops

CasaSito offers monthly workshops on the following topics: time management, finances, how to create a curriculum to seek employment opportunities, ...

Counseling services 

Social workers visit the students once a month to discuss relevant topics and to provide individual counseling. 

Parents workshop

Parents are also involved in the program once a month to discuss topics such as responsible parenting and other relevant topics. 


Our students contribute 4 hours of community service a month by supporting local community projects to inspire solidarity and increase awareness.

Extracurricular Activities 

Our students participate in 2 extracurricular activities of their choice. They can choose betwen the following: 

  • Academic enrichment
  • Personal enrichment (theatre, art) 
  • Debate
  • Literature 
  • English
  • Music

Volunteers at CasaSito: 

  • Participate in “guest lectures” where they give testimonials and talk about their personal growth, experiences, lessons learned.
  • Create your own workshop or extracurricular program 
  • Be an office volunteer at CasaSito and support any of the following: web programming and content management, create promotional material (videos), fundraise, create/implement workshop for staff development and health. 
  • Psychologists and social workers require a minimum of 6 months to volunteer at CasaSito. 

Volunteer Requirements:

  • A minimum of 1-3 months stay 
  • Intermediate and advanced Spanish 


For more information or to learn about fieldwork/capstone opportunities for Master of Public Health or Social Work students, please contact 









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