Tour Gamboa\'s Rainforest on an Aerial Tram panama-city, Panama

Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Tour Gamboa\'s Rainforest on an Aerial Tram Panama City, Panama

Gamboa Rainforest Resort   00606929

Gamboa Rainforest Resort has been designed for you to do as much or as little as you like as you explore the many treasures of Panama and Soberania National Park. Glide through the jungle on our Aerial Tram and see the rainforest as monkeys and exotic birds do.

See the forest from a breathtaking perspective, while sitting comfortably in our Swiss-engineered aerial tram system. Gliding smoothly through the treetops, you will experience the sounds and peace of the tropical rainforest firsthand. One of Gamboa’s tour guides will accompany you to describe the flora and fauna. The 1.2-kilometer ride culminates at a hilltop where you have the opportunity to visit the Observation Tower. After walking up the spiral ramp, you will discover a panoramic view of the:

  •  Chagres River
  • Panama Canal
  • Embera Indigenous Village
  • Town of Gamboa

 Gamboa Rainforest Resort .

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