The best Gourmet sandwiches antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Metiz Delicatessen Y Bistro

The best Gourmet sandwiches Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Metiz Delicatessen y Bistro  00064482

This is a place where you can enjoy delicious recipes which are the result of a mix of tastes, culture and high quality ingredients. Every dish in the menu has been designed in a very special and creative way, ready to be enjoyed in a casual atmosphere. 

At Metiz you can enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients from Classic, Parisians and Feta sandwiches, to Pastas such as Ratatouille, Bolognesa and 3 Cheeses. We also have amazing French desserts like Lemon and nuts tarts, tiramisu and more.

An atmosphere designed for your comfort and a service that aims to meet your needs.

Don't miss out on this superb culinary experience!

 Metiz Delicatessen y Bistro.

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