Team up and cover your back on the battle field santiago-de-chile, Chile

Delta Paintball

Team up and cover your back on the battle field Santiago De Chile, Chile

Delta Paintball  00660987

The Paintball born in the United States in 1981. Gurnsey, Noel and Gaines created it to see pistols throwing paint for marking livestock.

The first game of paintball was in June 1981. Gradually this new sport grew, creating fields such as Rochester, NY: 1982. Soon appeared the first companies engaged and distribute Paintball related products.
Paintball came to Australia in 1984 and England in 1985 to create the first field. In 1988 IPPA (International Paintball Players Association) was created, and the sport was spreading throughout the world especially in Europe.

Today the Paintball continues to grow and nothing seems to stop, with numerous competitions and local, national and world championships.

  Paintball is a game of action, skill and strategy to be used to practice in natural or scenarios, forests, meadows like.It can also be played in spacious premises, warehouses, old factories, etc., being the ideal practice in outdoor spaces.

A marker (technical name) which by appearance may seem rifles, which, once loaded throwing balls the size of a marble, which are composed of a shell of hardened gelatin are used. Inside liquid feed containing aniline dye that upon impact with a solid object explode spotted leaving the opponent.
As a protective face masks that protect the face from direct impacts are included. It also employs a mono color.

A physical or mental condition is required, especially to play and can be practiced by any participant with a state median fitness, minimum age of about 14 years or so, for both sexes. The games are controlled by monitors that watch that game rules and safety regulations are respected thereof.
The game is exciting, combines physical action with the strategy, skill, intelligence, instinct improvisation and rapport with other computer components. (And most importantly, it's super fun).
Paintball is the only game of its kind that gives the feeling of living a real adventure and especially allowing adults to desinhibirse, adrenaline butt and make games that are repressed since childhood and take uninhibited child in all of us.

 Delta Paintball.

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