Taste the best cigars in Nicaragua managua, Nicaragua

Mombacho Cigars

Taste the best cigars in Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua

Mombacho Cigars  00209622

Twenty thousand years ago the fires from our Volcano Mombacho erupted into the waters around it, giving birth to the rich volcanic soil that now gives life to your Mombacho cigar.

Mombacho Cigars are handmade from the finest tobacco available, grown in lush fields of volcanic soil. The result of this nutrient rich volcanic soil is our trademark quality: incredible smoothness. 

Our cigars are rolled at Casa Mombacho, our colonial factory in Granada, Nicaragua, in the shadows of the Mombacho Volcano. They are then aged for a minimum of six months before being sealed in airtight glass tubes and packaged in elegant handmade cedar boxes. 

Following a time honoured family tradition, each leaf is carefully nurtured by hand and only the finest are selected.

Each Mombacho is entirely hand made and finished with a touch of uncut leaf, sealing in natural Nicaraguan humidity and protecting your Mombacho along its journey.


 Mombacho Cigars.

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