Taste our different olive oils mendoza, Argentina

Olivicola Maguay

Taste our different olive oils Mendoza, Argentina

Olivicola Maguay  00292673

The touristic visit to our property is a tour through “La Bodega” estate, where people will be able to see 100-year-old olive trees and different types of olives, the irrigation system through ditches and furrows and the rest if the activities that are made. Then you will know our manufacturing plant where we will explain the elaboration process for the different types of olives and the stainless-steel size-and-quality classification area. Right then, we will get into the past again and know our winery which has not been used since the 1920s, with its typical cane roof and concrete vats.

We offer an olive oil tasting where you will be able to taste our five extra virgin olive oils, three olive varieties, olive paste and two wines, for you to know the final product after having known the process.


 Olivicola Maguay.

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