Taste different vintages of the same wine mendoza, Argentina

Bodegas López

Taste different vintages of the same wine Mendoza, Argentina

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Montchenot 20 years Red Wine, 15 years Red Wine and 10 years Red Wine.

Vertical tastings consist of tasting different vintages of the same wine, Montchenot 20 Años Red Wine (1990 Vintage),Montchenot 15 Años Red Wine (1995 Vintage) and MontchenotRed Wine (2002 Vintage). Visitors will be able to appreciate the evolution of color, aroma, palate, bouquet, body and other characteristics developed by the wine throughout the years.

The impact of storing wine in a bottle produces an exaltation of aromas. These aromas are more complex and delicate. In the mouth, the wine is smoother due to a decrease of its acidity.

These characteristics appear after many years of storing wine in its bottle. These attributes appear after 5 years and they are fully expressed after 10 years.

The tasting includes a tray of cheeses and a brief explanation on how to taste these wines, the different varieties of grapes it includes, brief concepts on the elaboration of the wines that are made for storing, harvest of grapes, etc.

Montchenot wines are made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec grapes, grown from ancient vineyards planted in 1940 in our “finca” La Marthita in Maipú.

Ruby in color, with hints of mahogany and complex aromas. In mouth, the wines reveal an excellent structure, soft tannins and a velvety texture, presenting a long aftertaste. 
There is a limited quantity of bottles, chosen especially from the winery’s private reserve.

The tasting of these wines demands using a decanter. This special formed container carries out two functions: the first corresponds to decanting the substances that the wine could eventually have in suspension (coloring material and tannins); the second function corresponds to the needed and essential airing which allows the progressive release of aromas. This is why decanting the wine an hour before tasting the wine is needed.

Booking in advance is required

Price per person: $340

Buying 1 bottle of: Montchenot 20 Años Red Wine, Montchenot 15 Años Red Wine and Montchenot Red Wine 750ml; the tasting is free of charge.

 Bodegas López.

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