Tandem Paragliding over Lima, Perú lima, Peru

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Tandem Paragliding over Lima, Perú Lima, Peru

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Come with us and enjoy a wonderful experience flying in paragliding with a certified instructor. The flight takes place in the cliffs of the Green Coast of Miraflores, Lima . This zone for its geographical characteristics is one of the best in the world for the practice of paragliding. Hundreds of pilots between Peruvians and foreigners, as well as thousands of students enjoy the flight every year in this beautiful part of Lima.

Before flying you will receive the necessary instructions for the takeoff and after a few minutes you will be living through one of the best experiences of your life. The flight in paragliding is the nearest way to the natural flight.

The flight is very smooth and you wont feel any sensation of emptiness or anything similar, on the contrary you will feel that you rise softly and this sensation is very pleasant.

 Paragliding Tours.

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