Tandem paragliding above the desert in Palo Buque, Chile iquique, Chile

Oasisfly Parapente Chile

Tandem paragliding above the desert in Palo Buque, Chile Iquique, Chile

Oasisfly Parapente Chile  00588919

If you have never flown in paragliding and want to feel the sensation of flying, it'll make a tandem flight or tandem paragliding pilots specialized and highly experienced with over 15 years of flying. The paraglider is designed to carry the weight of two people (driver and passenger); Without that passengers have no previous experience with the flight Paragliding. There is no limit of age or physical condition some steps and you're in the air ...

The tandem flight with a paraglider, is suitable for almost everyone, from children to elderly people (in Oasisfly Paragliding, have flown with children from 5 years to over 94 years).
To fly in tandem need not be in a special shape. However, if you are disabled does not hesitate to tell.
Before takeoff will give you a BRIEFING (takeoff and flight instruction). The takeoff is performed as in a normal Paragliding and controlled at all times by the pilot.
Once in the air you are comfortably seated in the chair of flight until touchdown.

Transfer to the flying.
30 minute flight.
Gift Set with photographs (made from ground).

 Photos and videos from the air with sports cameras

Places flight
Alto Hospicio located at 490 meters above sea level usually flying site during the hours of the morning starting at 10:00 am.
Palo ship 15 km. south of the city of Iquique, outputs afternoon from 16:00 pm Please check with our office.

Maximum output capacity is 4 passengers simultaneously.

 Oasisfly Parapente Chile.

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