Tandem flights over the beautiful landscapes of Paracas paracas, Peru


Tandem flights over the beautiful landscapes of Paracas Paracas, Peru

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The takeoff is located next to what used to be the Cathedral, which fell a few years ago with the last earthquake. There we take off about 20 meters above the sea, and the upward band formed when the wind hits the slopes and lifts us deflected upward slowly. The flight is very calm and relaxed here, and immediately you can appreciate the vastness of the Pacific desert behind you.
Flying as a passenger is simple. Any of our pilots that fly have years of experience and they give a short instruction before flying. You put your chair flight, your helmet, and count to 3 and you will be in the air. The first feeling is freedom. You're flying like the birds do: out of a cabin without the noise of an engine.

Recommendations for the flight:

  • Sports shoes or boots Trekking
  • Comfortable clothing, sportswear and jacket (warm clothing)
  • We do not recommend eating 3 hours before the flight. A small percentage of people get dizzy while flying.
  • No fly drunk people
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen

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