Swimming with Sea Lions callao, Peru

Mar Abierto Excursiones

Swimming with Sea Lions Callao, Peru

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Set sail to the islands of Callao. We see at the beginning the anchorage area for yachts, warships and merchant ships in the bay of Callao. During our route we pass through "The Camotal" open sea. We pass the San Lorenzo island, a place with rich stories that come from pre-Columbian times. We see fishing boats at work, various colonies of sea birds and Humboldt penguins. We arrived at the farthest point, Palomino Island, home to a large colony of sea lions (Marine lions), where you can swim with wetsuits freely between them, thanks to the absence of predators. Is an unforgettable moment full of emotions.

Mar Abierto Excursions, was born with the idea of sharing a natural environment with people who enjoy the sea during summer times with swimsuits and winter coat costumes, nature is still there waiting for us to enjoy it with joy and great responsibility.

 Mar Abierto Excursiones.

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