Survival Trip for a real adventurer amazonas, Brazil

Amazon Jungle Tour

Survival Trip for a real adventurer Amazonas, Brazil

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Survival Trip

4 -14 days Amazon Jungle Trip

This amazon jungle trip is for the real adventurer.
We take you into primary rain forest in the Lake Juma Reserve.
You stay overnight in the jungle or with locals.
You learn how to build jungle camps and how to survive.
Get ready for lots of hiking, canoeing, hunting, bird watching, fishing.
Our professional bilingual guides make sure that you start well equipped and have a safe journey.
This Trip can be organized according to your needs.
You can leave for the jungle as soon as you arrive in Manaus. From Ceasa Port we take the speed boat to Carreiro de Castanha, you will pass the meeting of the waters. After taking road transport to Araça, we are ready for the jungle experience. An 15 hp outboarder, food, hammocks, fishing equipment will be our home.

 Amazon Jungle Tour.

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