Surfing for Haiti ti-moullage, Haiti

Surf Haiti

Surfing for Haiti Ti Moullage, Haiti

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" is focused on improving the spiritual, physical, vocational, academic and social lives of Haitians."

Our strategy is to establish Jacmel, Haiti as a surf tourism destination. The surf industry generates billions of dollars in sales yearly and many developing nations have capitalized on development of a “surf culture” that provides jobs and a passion for environmental protection. The founders and volunteers of have a passion for surfing, the ocean, the environment and seek to share our passion for the benefit of those less fortunate.

We have been testing local water sources which reveals widespread contamination, and we have launched our Clean Water Initiative Program to help the cause.

We have distributed several varieties of water filters in the past few months. We are now distributing locally manufactured clay water filters that are impregnated with silver as an antimicrobial. This is an investment in the local economy as well as the overall health of the community we serve.

According to the World Health Organization and The United Nations, access to safe drinking water is the number one public health initiative in Haiti. Over 6,500 Haitians have died due to infections from Cholera since the outbreak was identified in October 2010. The source of Cholera is contaminated water.

Providing water filters to families saves lives.

 Surf Haiti.

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