Surf and volunteer through educational, arts and entrepreneurship projects at El Paredón escuintla, Guatemala

La Choza Chula

Surf and volunteer through educational, arts and entrepreneurship projects at El Paredón Escuintla, Guatemala

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Volunteer with La Choza Chula in the surf community of El Paredón, through educational, arts and entrepreneurship projects


We teach and build skills that benefit young people living in surf communities in rural Guatemala through innovative, creative, sustainable development activities. We are a nonprofit organization and we specialise in education, entrepreneurship and the arts, focusing on children and youth. We respond to real needs, creating projects that develop skills, improve lives as well as develop employment opportunities. We work with skilled international and local volunteers to add energy, passion and expertise to our programmes.

The Library

Most children in El Paredón, Guatemala have never been read a bedtime story. Books in the school are scarce and in homes, do not exist. Half of parents cannot read or write. Earlier this year, we helped to build The Lovely View Library (The Biblioteca Buena Vista) in El Paredón. Now, we need your help to fill the library with books!

The Bag Project

The Bag Project was set up in October, 2014. La Choza Chula works with Madeline Beddoe for the surf company Reef, and has trained 3 local ladies to make yoga mat bags and surf board socks. Sandra, Mildred and Angelina took to it immediately and have been working away since, creating even more new and exciting products with each go.

The Bracelet Club is a club for the local youth to design and make accessories for surfers.  It’s a place to learn skills in business and entrepreneurship – while making money for essentials like clothes and education. They receive a fair-trade price for their products and all the profits go to back into funding La Choza Chula projects in the community. The project now consists of a co-operative of twelve regular makers, aged 13-19, who create high quality products outside of school hours.

English Lessons

We’ve been involved in teaching English since 2012. Since March this year, our Education Manager has been teaching English to each primary level grade – using exciting games and activities to get the students passionate about learning English!

She needs help to expand the programme, assist in classes and create interesting resources. Could you bring your ideas and energy to help us make our wonderful English teaching programme even better?

Volunteer at La Choza Chula:

  • Read to the children in the library
  • Assist the local librarian in developing a sustainable parent/child program
  • Create art activities
  • Assist in both math and English curriculum activities
  • Our volunteering programme is a unique, tailor-made, unforgettable experience. Our placements match your skills with real need in our organisation and the local community of El Paredón, Guatemala.

Upcoming Internship opportunities (January- April 2016):

  • Sales and Marketing Intern
  • Business and Enterprise Intern, intermediate Spanish
  • Education Intern

Master of Public Health/Clinical fieldwork opportunities

  • Environmental health assessments in the community
  • Nutritional assessments and development of programmes
  • For more information on these opportunities, please contact

Why volunteer with us?

Gain valuable experience in the international development sector. Make a difference as part of a small and highly motivated team. Meet incredible people and practice your Spanish. You’ll live two minutes walk from uncrowded waves; Surf twice a day, every day.


To volunteer with us please visit our website to find out more about the types of placements we offer and submit a volunteer application form.


 La Choza Chula.

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