Sumaq Kausay Massage - Harmonic Life cusco, Peru

Inca Spa

Sumaq Kausay Massage - Harmonic Life Cusco, Peru

Inca Spa  007451085

Integral technique which combines Reiki, Aura purification and Millenarian Coca Oils, acting over the psyche, emotional and spiritual bodies of the human being, and achieving a conscious interchange of positive energy. 

Discover Inca Spa, a world created with a unique and special environment; where we will revitalize your body, mind and spirit trough an ancient experience using all five senses. A trip for total renovation of energy and vitality, using elements and techniques from the Inca culture.

Using oils, creams, and scrubs prepared with Andean ingredients, the Inca Spa massages will relax and transport you to a world of peace and balance that you will never forget...

 Inca Spa.

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