Stay at an Ecological Hotel Nestled in the Jungle livingston, Guatemala

The Round House

Stay at an Ecological Hotel Nestled in the Jungle Livingston, Guatemala

The Round House  00144556

While following the Maya Trail, if you keep your eyes and ears open you may just find a hidden jewel or two. We think we have found one and love to share it. Nestled in the side of the Rio Dulce river at the mouth of the canyon lies our "tree house" with all the amenities to relax or be active and experience another flavor of Guatemala.

Within the old growth rainforest as you enter the majestic canyon of the Rio Dulce on the way to Livingston hides a stop that you shouldn't miss. Backpackers, boaters and locals alike are welcome to come party or just relax and read a book to unwind.

Our unique hostel offers 4 private rooms and a spacious dormitory, a restaurant with home-made family style dinners, a pool, kayaks, boats and floaties, tours, a great book exchange, games and a fully stocked bar. Paradise lives right here and you too can live and breathe the best of both worlds with the rest of us. Live like a king without paying a queens ransom too. OK, so don't expect the red carpets to be rolled out, they don't float well!

 The Round House.

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