Spend one night in an Andean Community and 4 days on the Inca Trail cusco, Peru

Wayki Trek

Spend one night in an Andean Community and 4 days on the Inca Trail Cusco, Peru

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Something unique that Wayki Trek offers is what we call the “WAYKI EXPERIENCE” optional and free if you do the 4-Day Inca Trail, you can spend a night getting to know our porters that will assist the group on the hike. We will transport you and a guide the night before you start the hike to a porter’s house in the countryside to enjoy a typical Andean meal and spend the night chatting with locals. You will see a typical Andean kitchen and learn ancient traditions. We are the only travel agency in Peru that offers a similar experience. 

Once you reach the community you could visit our “Wayki Academy” where children of the community schools are doing tasks and getting some lessons of reinforcement, there you can share some gifts or teach a little bit of your native language(example English, etc), games or drawings. 

In the community its possible to share daily activities (agricultural) with local people, in the “chacras” farm is the breeding ground, also in the preparation “Watia”, an Andean food based on potatoes. Visit the homes of local families, where we have the opportunity to meet the families of porters, with wives and children whom you will share pleasant moments with. Sharing activities and learning stories, customs, and lifestyles of local family homes. After dinner, you will experience the Andean music and learn to dance with them, especially the children they will become your dance teachers.

 Wayki Trek.

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