Snorkel Scooter Tour in Fajardo fajardo, Puerto Rico

Sea Ventures Pro Dive Center

Snorkel Scooter Tour in Fajardo Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Sea Ventures Pro Dive Center  00616938

Enjoy a swim with Sea Turtles, Stingrays, colorful tropical fish, and an expert crew to guide you through the water. The best part is that our new scooters are compact and great for snorkeling as well. These new scooters come with floating capabilities to ensure snorkeler safety. Now you can take your friends and families that are non certified on the same vessel as well as the same areas. Because of the ability to cover more area than regular snorkeling, our scooter snorkelers can enjoy themselves while the divers do their underwater adventure right under the snorkelers.

A regular diver’s range is restricted by over breathing from exertion, he usually has slow diving pace to save air. The Scooter Diver gets to enjoy more area with out having to over exert them selves. The diver gets to cover more area, enjoying along the way more marine life. These DPV’s consists of a battery-powered electric motor, which drives a propeller. The design has the propeller caged in so that it cannot harm the diver, diving equipment or marine life. The vehicle cannot be accidentally started or run away from the diver, it will always remain neutrally buoyant while diving.

 Sea Ventures Pro Dive Center.

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