Sky Dive in The Clear Blue Skies of Bogota City bogota, Colombia

Sky Dive Colombia La Casa

Sky Dive in The Clear Blue Skies of Bogota City Bogota, Colombia

Sky Dive Colombia La Casa  00267648

If you just want to live the experience of skydiving, but without having to do any course, or face the fear of doing it alone, what you do is a Tandem jump, easy, fun and without complications.

For this jump only 3 things are needed:

  • Guts
  • Time
  • Good energy !!!

It all starts with a basic instruction in which the instructor will teach you some things you will need to know to make the jump, nothing fancy, but important basic positioning that must be maintained during freefall, and of course some tips to keep a strong mind state for your landing .

After the basics you will have time to take some photos before your jump, adjust the harness and get everything ready, then we take you to the plane. Once we are there, we will fly to an altitude of 10,000 feet (over 3000 meters). During the flight, we can laugh, talk, meditate, whatever it takes to calm our nerves before jumping for the time of your life! 

 Sky Dive Colombia La Casa.

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