Shiatsu Barefoot Massage mexico-city, Mexico

Barefoot In Cozumel

Shiatsu Barefoot Massage Mexico City, Mexico

Barefoot in Cozumel   01297343

If Cozumel is your vacation destination... If you're just cruising through... If you've chosen to live on this amazing Caribbean island... A wonderful massage combination is now available to you! 

Pamper yourself with a massage while you enjoy all that Cozumel has to offer. It's a different culture, a different lifestyle, a chance to breathe and just ... be.

Massage is administered by the feet of the therapist to the back of the client's body. Long, soothing strokes are designed to safely stretch the spine, release muscular tension and provide relief from chronic back pain. The front of the body is addressed by Ashiatsu and classic Swedish relaxation massage. The client determines the amount of pressure used, from very light (using one foot only)
to 95 pounds, the full weight of the therapist.

Cozumel is the only location in all of Mexico where you can receive this exceptional treatment by a U.S. certified massage therapist, personally certified by the founder of this modality.


 Barefoot in Cozumel .

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