Self defense with Kenpo Martial Arts temuco, Chile

Kenpo Temuco System

Self defense with Kenpo Martial Arts Temuco, Chile

Kenpo Temuco System  00564897

Kenpo Temuco is a group united by the martial arts, is a place to share with those friends that you train every day, those men and women who are part of your life, your great family of Kenpo, not to mention those great adversaries many tournaments and competitions that after a great battle, with a simple hug part of your friends and your wonderful family, because regardless of your art or your style, what unites so many men and women is larger that a martial system are values such as humility, righteousness, Honesty, Loyalty ... are those intangible things that give us peace, happiness and enlighten us in the depths of our soul.

 Kenpo Temuco System.

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