Sea Kayaking and exploring the water surprises of La Patagonia in Chile puerto-varas, Chile

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Sea Kayaking and exploring the water surprises of La Patagonia in Chile Puerto Varas, Chile

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Sea Kayaking in Chile

In YAK EXPEDITIONS - AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCES we assure you an unforgettable experience ... gigantic waterfalls cascading over our kayaks, deep and narrow fjords covered by the rainforest of La Patagonia, quaint fishing villages, dolphins and sea lions, variety of birds, volcanoes and hidden hot springs, contact the people who inhabit these magical places, appreciate the magnificence of sunrise while floating in your kayak and the possibility of access to places seen by very few people are just a sample of what you'll find in this journey.

Few sports have such a playful component like voyage kayaking. It may be that it combines, among other things, the beauty of the places you browse or the multiple anecdotes that can occur, but especially by the magnetism the the water holds, attracting our senses in any of the amazing landscapes before your eyes and being able to see the ways in which nature occurs; rivers, waterfalls, rain, etc. Water is able to change radically transforming any landscape.

Sea kayaking or kayaking is a sport of explosive growth worldwide as it allows people of all ages and without prior to enjoy a complete sport that allows immediate approach to nature experience. This activity takes place mainly in very calm and protected waters such as lakes, calm rivers and sea sailing bays, islands and canals environments.

 Yak Expediciones.

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