Sail to the Brazilian Islands on a Schooner sao-paulo, Brazil

Passeio De Escuna

Sail to the Brazilian Islands on a Schooner Sao Paulo, Brazil

Passeio de Escuna  00511845

Departing from Edgard Perdigao Bridge at the end of the beach, against a beautiful backdrop of Barra Grande Fortress from 1584 you will travel along the beach of Santos known for its famous leaning buildings. You will pass the breakwater, Urubuqueçaba Island and the Stone of the Witch on the border between Santos and São Vicente. Shortly after we walk along the Itararé beach to reach Porchat Island,  our schooner will curve toward the center of the bay, where several boats await entering the port.

We'll sail on the bay up to La Playa Guaiúba. In Saco do Major we'll stop for a 40 minute diving break. Our next stop will be Guaiúba Beach, before stopping at Mato Island, our last stop for snorkeling. We'll return by the outlines of Santo Amaro Island, passing by Palmas Island and by the beaches of Sangava, Cheira Limão and Góes. Getting to the Fortress da Barra indicates that our journey has come to an end.

 Passeio de Escuna.

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