Ride a mountian bike on the World´s Most dangerous Road la-paz, Bolivia

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Ride a mountian bike on the World´s Most dangerous Road La Paz, Bolivia

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The tour starts pretty early in the morning. You will be picked up from your hostel by our private van along with the guide(s) who will be in charge of your safety and fun for the day.
We will then drive out of the city for about 45 mins. right to the highest point of the tour known as “La Cumbre” or The Summit at 4.700 meters of elevation. At this spot, the first thing you’ll notice is amazing scenery surrounded by snow-capped mountains all around and a magnificent lake which make this place a perfect lookout to begin the tour. While there, we will get our machines (mountain bikes) off the top of the van and provide you with all the necessary safety gear you will need.

After a short, but very exhaustive briefing by the guide in charge, you will be able to try your mountain bike out so you can get comfortable on it. Once that’s done, we will be ready to plunge down the World’s Most Dangerous Road.

In fact, the first section of this road won’t look that much different from any other South American paved road with all kinds of motor vehicles sharing the road with you. However, what won’t be like anything you’ve seen before will be the views with massive mountains and valleys that stretch for hundreds of kilometers into the lush subtropical lowlands of “Los Yungas”. We will ride our bikes on the side of the road enjoying the first 20 km. We will pass countless streams, bends, a couple of police checkpoints and a tunnel. We will then keep going on the same road for a total of about one-and-half hour.

From here on, it’s full on adrenaline. The guides will lead you safely down this road enjoying a warmer climate and lush surroundings. As we ride our bikes downhill, the scenery progressively becomes greener and the climate hotter. We will pass through countless waterfalls, bends and lookout points in order to enjoy the setting. 

 Mayhem Adventures.

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