Rappel in the Autisha Canyon lima, Peru


Rappel in the Autisha Canyon Lima, Peru

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The descent into the bowels of Canyon Autisha. At about 3 hours away from Lima, this canyon will give you a full day of adventure with spectacular scenery. You will be going up the mountain until you reach a bridge over a canyon 170 feet deep, which you’ll descend completely with one long string. Leaving the bright daylight to enter itno a dark cathedral with a waterfall partially illuminated. This this the highest rappel in Peru. Adventure does not end here.

While the rest of the group descents, you can swim in the lagoon if you like. When everyone is ready, the adventure continues: going out of the canyon. To get out of the canyon you’ll have to enter an old dam using some old stairs like a suspension bridge, and then another group of stairs in a tunnel. Once outside of the dam you will be going on a very nice walk along the cliffs to get back to the bridge.

This adventure leaves you with a sense of achievement, overcoming fears and daring to adventure. The return to Lima is between 6:30 and 8pm.


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