Professional Dive Center on beautiful lake Coatepeque san-salvador, El Salvador

El Salvador Divers

Professional Dive Center on beautiful lake Coatepeque San Salvador, El Salvador

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he Dive Centre El Salvador Divers, is a school dedicated to teaching diving extreme sport professionally, offers PADI certification; diver education since 1995. while offering interesting Diving Tours lovers of this sport, whether domestic or foreign.

We'll take you to Lake Coatepeque is of volcanic origin and is located 18 km south of the city of Santa Ana. It has an altitude of 745 meters and an area of 25.3 km². In addition, its depth of 115m.
On its banks are some rock formations called eyeglasses, northern dome is 25 Mts diameter and 25 Mts height, the south dome has 150 Mts diameter and 25 mts high, also has an island (Teopan) which was a sanctuary the goddess Izqueye (companion Quetzalcoatl)

  Cohatepeque, considered among the 10 most beautiful lakes in the world, its name in Nahuatl means "Hill of Snakes" language also offer interesting diving excursions trained Dive Masters, so has the pleasure of diving, exploring and discovering interesting. You can dive into one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Coatepeque. You can also enjoy unforgettable sensations on the beach Cóbanos, which has the largest reef in Central America and the spectacular Lake Ilopango, where you can enjoy diving in an active volcanic crater.

 El Salvador Divers.

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