Private yoga class with Nicole antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Nicole Vayssier

Private yoga class with Nicole Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Nicole Vayssier  016962289

Connect with yourself in a private yoga class with Nicole. Her classes focus on slowing down the mind monologue, tuning out of the conceptual mind and shifting into conscious awareness. Synchronize your body movement to the breath, build your body strength, body awareness, & deepen your respiration. You´ll also learn healthy alignment while moving with awareness. Practice and dedication will harvest the greatest fruits of yoga; deepened self-awareness and self-transformation.


  • 2 people per private class
  • 1.5 hours
  • Yoga mats
  • Music to accompany meditation and movement
  • Palo santo or incense, candles
  • Blocks

What to expect:

  • Awareness and calming of the mind
  • Connection to self

More Info:

Wear comfortable clothes. Nicole has been practicing yoga since 2010, discovering and exploring different styles of asana practice such as vinyasa, ashtanga vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga. Her professional and educational background is in public health and therefore relates her passion for yoga in the health benefits it brings for the body, mind and spirit.  She also enjoys Raja and Jnana yoga, which explores the internal aspects of yoga on the mind field; the yoga of knowledge. 

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 Nicole Vayssier.

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