Polanco-Chapultepec Segway Ride mexico-city, Mexico

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Polanco-Chapultepec Segway Ride Mexico City, Mexico

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If you are looking to know more about Mexico, this tour will guide you through the past and the present of the City.
We start from Polanco, one of the most wealthy and traditional neighborhoods of the City, home to many prominent celebrities, artists and politicians. We will pass by the Americas Park where the Church of St. Augustus is located, we will continue
to the famous elevated bike lane where you will feel the adrenaline of ups and downs as if you were on a roller coaster, and we will visit the Main Lake of Chapultepec Forest. This is a must for families and friends that want to try the Segway PT in the Polanco-Chapultepec area.
This tour includes:
  • Segway Personal Transporter
  • Helmet (elbow and knee pads are optional)
  • Pictures taken during the Tour
  • Tour guide, he will show you the route
  • First aid kit
  • Please note that by Law we cannot enter the first section of Chapultepec where the Castle of Chapultepec is. We can only enter the second section.

“You'll see Glamour everywhere!”

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