Play a game of Smashballs with family and friends! guatemala-city, Guatemala

Paintball La Cabaña

Play a game of Smashballs with family and friends! Guatemala City, Guatemala

Paintball La Cabaña  001311883
Smashballs is also known as bubble soccer or football and is a fantastically hilarious game to play with family and friends!  You’ll never know what it’s like to be inside the bubble until you try it! It looks easier than it seems but its super fun to fly in the air! Get your team ready and play this round of 8 Smashballs with family and friends.
An excellent choice for bachelor parties, birthdays, or holidays with friends and family.
  • Price includes 8 people 
  • 1 hour of game time
  • 8 Smashballs (16 people can take turns)
  • Referee + goal posts + soccer ball!
More Info:
  • Smashballs is a new attraction and sport, great for teams and big groups!

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 Paintball La Cabaña.

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