Pioneer Boutique Hotel offering authentic Local Experiences antigua-guatemala, Guatemala

Posada Del Angel

Pioneer Boutique Hotel offering authentic Local Experiences Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Posada del Angel  0048257

Posada del Angel is a cozy hotel in a world-class cultural destination. Located in a quiet cobbled street, a few blocks from the main square. Posada del Angel is an original Spanish colonial house where everything happens behind closed doors, only for guests staying in its seven rooms around a central courtyard, a small pool, a romantic garden and a rooftop terrace with dramatic views of the Volcano Agua.

Traditional and elegant, each of our seven rooms are unique and designed with a palette of textures inspired by the famous walls and colors of Antigua. The beds are covered with Mayan textiles made ​​on looms with the best cottons and traditional indigenous techniques. Carved wooden sculptures, hand- hammered copper, ceramic and metal, flowers and candles are part of a warm reddish environment that becomes the most romantic place after sundown.

Each of the seven rooms is unique and has been designed with a color paletteinspired by the famous wall textures all over La Antigua. Beds are coveredwith Mayan textiles made on backstap looms using the finest cottons and
traditional indigenous techniques. Carved wood sculptures, hand hammeredcopper, ceramic and metal pieces, flowers and candles, are all part of a warmredish atmosphere that gets transformed into the most romantic place for our guests.

Posada del Angel serves locally designed breakfast menus which include freshly squeezed juices, tropical fruits, eggs for all tastes seasoned with the typica lchileChiltepe, a local chili sauce; refried beans and home made
tortillas, three elements that define Guatemalan cuisine.

 Posada del Angel.

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  1. Nicole

    Una verdadera joya escondida en la Antigua. La calidad de su servicio es impecable y no hay un mejor lugar para pasar un fin de semana tranquilo y romántico.

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