Personalizad Wine Tours mendoza, Argentina

Bodega Dolium

Personalizad Wine Tours Mendoza, Argentina

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 Dolium shares its uniqueness with visitors
Being a small, high quality, family run wine producer, Dolium offers the best personal relationship with visitors in the region, offering very special programmes that include, at their choice.

• Personalized wine tours throughout the winery, with the presence of its actual owners, including the tasting of several wines directed to improve the understanding the real potential of the vines and oenological processes.
• Share a home made lunch along with the owners -very casual, familiar style- including tasting 6 of our best wines during the meal with the fantastic views of vines and the Andes white peaks.
• Three different technical tastings, given by our oenologist and/or the winery owner, where you will be able to enjoy the best quality wines and our very own Malbec varietal that seduces the world of wine.

This is our way of transmitting the love and passion for wine in a unique experience that we are sure you will treasure for time to come. Your friends at home will be marveled with your reports and stories!!!

 A first glance at the winery
Dolium winery is characterized by its lineal architecture, a very modern and functional concept, designed by its founder Mario Giadorou and the well renowned architects Bormida & Yanzon.
From its large terrace you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful landscape typical of Mendoza, well kept vineyards thriving everywhere and the impressive view of the majestic Andes to the west.
Ecology is paramount to us, as we think a clean, untouched environment adds up to the quality of our wines and minds.

 Inside the winery
Its outstanding feature is the fact that the whole production area was built completely underground, designed according to a simple, rational operational plan which incorporates the highest level of state of the art technology, creating naturally the best environment for high end wines.

 Profile of a typical visitor to Dolium
• Experienced visitors to wine tours
• Wine enthusiasts
• Wine connoisseurs
• Visitors looking for in-depth personalized attention.

 Bodega Dolium.

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