Permaculture Course in an Organic Farm panajachel, Guatemala

Atitlan Organics

Permaculture Course in an Organic Farm Panajachel, Guatemala

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Do you know about Permaculture? Learn more about this new technique and design of agriculture, culture and sustainability. During 6 days, you will be part of an Introductory Course of Permaculture and enjoy lectures, group discussions, and other class activities at an organic farm located in the beautiful Lago de Atitlan.

Live an authentic experience of learning about social design and ecosystems!



  • Price per person
  • Introductory course to Permaculture
  • Three meals a day, plus snacks, coffee and tea
  • 6 nights shared lodging at the Bambu Guest House
  • Facilitation, field trip and excursions, course material, note packs, and other electronic information.

Not Included:

  • Boat to/from Tzununá – you can take a boat at the public dock in Panajachel
  • Transport from dock to the farm – tuk tuks are available or you can take a leisurely walk to El Bambu as the locals call it

What to expect:

Through a balanced blend of practical work on this authentic organic farm, interesting presentations and group discussions, you'll gain a well-rounded and dynamic understanding of Permaculture - a tool for designing new ecological culture and sustainability, considering the whole of the earth in all of its strategies.

Topics include:

- Permaculture Principles & Ethics
- Farm tour of Atitlan Organics
- Ecology of Permaculture
- The Mantras of Water
- Soil Building & Compost
- Earthworks
- Design Methodologies
- Vegetable Cultivation
- Plant Propogation
- Food Forests & Wetlands
- Animal Systems
- Field trip to explore Mayan Permaculture Sites
- Mayan Cosmology

This immersion starts with the basics, into detailed approach of specific themes related. Amongst the highlights is a field trip to the Meso-American Institute of Permaculture and the Kaq'chikel Maya village of Quixayá to see more amazing examples of Permaculture in action. Although it is an introductory course, it is only by name, as the topics and engagement goes beyond and. It will leave you inspired to enact change and the most important part is that you will be empowered with the specific skills and techniques necessary to do so.


 Atitlan Organics.

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