Paratrike, a fun and safe way to fly in Paragliding mendoza, Argentina

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Paratrike, a fun and safe way to fly in Paragliding Mendoza, Argentina

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The Paratrike consists of an engine mounted on a steel frame with wheels in the form of tricycle where the pilot and passenger can go comfortably seated.

It's a fun and safe variant Paragliding flight.

Thanks to the engine, we can take off from a flat track, without the need to climb a mountain flight and then we can freely decide the way forward and the most appropriate height for our walk.

Another important advantage is that if we turn off the engine can fly like any unpowered glider and landing with the engine smoothly.

For tours Paragliding with Motor used Engines:
H & E 220 Duo with 30HP and Candles

Our field of Flight is located in landing Cerro Arco, the same used for landing on gliding, located in
The Challao, Mendoza.

Advantages of Flight Paratrike
(Paragliding with Motor):

The risks of taking off cliffs and slopes are eliminated.
For any damage to the engine we fly just like a normal PG to landing.
We took off without running comfortably seated.
We landed without running comfortably seated.
Always fly in the desired direction, without depending on the winds.
In the same ride flew over the beautiful foothills of Mendoza and also near the stadium and Cerro de la Gloria, enjoying an excellent view of General San Martin Park, the lung of Mendoza !!!

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